IOT Smart Home RF series Remote Monitor

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    Easy Control & Monitor by APP


    • Protocol:RF 2.4G

    Key Features

    Features :

    1. Stable Connection : Frequency range and channels - operates in 2.4 GHz frequency ISM bands. We use the same technique for 2.4Ghz wireless mouse.  There is no reliability with WiFi.  And, it is the lowest cost and high performance design. 
    2. Easy to Set-Up : P2P Technology for no IP Setting - Easy for setting & operation, suitable for all family members
    3. Save the cost : by using wireless internet connection then plug-in power supply and download the APP & set up , low cost of installation and maintenance .
    4. Low power consumption : It is the new designed sensor to save the power consumption and reduce the number of times to change the  
      1. battery .
    5. Various collocation and scalability : Offering various options of camera & sensor for any type of Smart Home applications .
    6. All-in-One design :  no gateway box, One App to control all
    7. High coverage in home security , lighting and elder-care
    8. Live view connection : Use mobile phone to monitor IP Camera at home or outside
    9. Support P2P to transmit QVGA H.264 5~30fps. Getting a good and smooth image quality.
    10. Two way audio communication (half-duplex)  
    11. Client or device will automatically connect to the most suitable server which with lower loading or less delay.


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