Net top PC

Made in
Mainland China
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    Powerful, ultra slim, efficient


    • Hard Drive Capacity:320GB-500GB
    • Memory Capacity:≥ 8GB
    • Processor Manufacture:Intel

    Key Features

    Powerful, ultra slim, energy efficient PC that satisfy all your computing needs.

    -Powerful Graphics Performance

    -Win7/ Win8 support    -135%better performance

    -Excellent gaming experience -Fast and Efficient

    -Support USB 3.0 (10 times than USB2.0)

    -Support USB quick charge(3 times than normal USB)

    -Support SDXC card(more capacity and faster)

    Product Certification

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    Small Order Recommendation

    USD  375.00-375.00
    USD  41.00-41.00
    USD  31.99-31.99
    USD  100.00-100.00
    USD  38.00-38.00